This is a pretty brilliant and evocative form of protest.

The Republican candidate for governor in Illinois belongs to a wine club that costs more than your annual salary.

Be ready for lots of "now global warming makes it colder lol" comments.

Republican Obama critiques, tracked over time.

12:17 pm


Pareene's explanation of First Look is as comprehensible as any I've read.

11:57 am


Always has been.

Cantor's new job will earn him 26 times the average VA-7 household, in a more popular institution.

"When you start contributing to all these guys, they give you access to meet them and talk about your issues."

UPDATE 8:31 am

Oh, so that's how it works!

UPDATE 8:32 am

"The average person can get their friends together and raise small donations that amount to big donations." OK, gang, let's pony up $1 million.


Mon, 9:35 pm


ISIS: "the most monstrous squad of historical reenactors of all time."

Mon, 9:30 pm


Ta-Nehisi Coates' essay about learning French and about the unevenness of education.

Who else has the time, intelligence, and intention to so clearly lay out the challenges built into America? Consistently revelatory.

Mon, 9:10 pm


Well, this is horrifying.

Mon, 8:00 pm


The Ohio State Highway Patrol's bloody 1963 warning film about reckless driving.

Mon, 7:51 pm


How to love your wife, in 100 easy steps.

Mon, 7:50 pm


The urban oil fields of Los Angeles, over the years.

Mon, 7:41 pm


The history of Anonymous told largely as a biography of a one-time/sort-of leader.

Mon, 7:09 pm


From earlier this week: A brief history of ATM skimmers.

Via @digg. [ Also from @digg. ]

Mon, 6:17 pm


Upper West Side ladies wearing white pants like they're cutting it close.

Mon, 4:11 pm


Citing iffy statistics to win an argument. Who says the Supreme Court is behind the times?

Via @justinelliott. [ Also from @justinelliott. ]

Mon, 2:21 pm


The government trained regular Alaskans to serve as a fifth column in the event of Russian invasion.

Via @slatevault. [ Also from @slatevault. ]

Mon, 2:19 pm


A map overlaying 1836 New York on the current city. At the edges, it frays.

Via @stevesilberman. [ Also from @stevesilberman. ]

Mon, 2:14 pm


Japan's government is suggesting people stockpile toilet paper, since it's mostly produced in an earthquake-prone area.

Mon, 2:12 pm


"There are some who would argue that Russia is just as legitimate a client as Philip Morris cigarettes."

Mon, 2:09 pm


Andrew Cuomo may have to dump his conservative lt. gov. candidate.

Via @daveweigel. [ Also from @daveweigel. ]

It's hard to overstate what a bizarre mess Cuomo has made of his reelection.

Mon, 2:03 pm


Photos of 19th century Labor Day parades in New York City.

In New York City, incidentally, labor density appears to be increasing.

Mon, 2:01 pm


The radical history of Labor Day.

Mon, 1:59 pm


The first fatality in World War II was part of a Nazi false flag operation against Poland.

Via @lauraolin. [ Also from @lauraolin. ]

Mon, 1:57 pm


People are scrambling to buy AK-47s, worried about sanctions against Russia.


Sun, 7:08 pm


Are there people who have opinions, even casual ones, about the "Boost Mobile spokesman" contest? That should probably be illegal.

Sun, 6:51 pm


Ice Capades, but on motorcycles and starring superheroes.

Sun, 5:40 pm


The history of one racist musical jingle.

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