Fri, 6:05 pm


Trump's central argument for his national emergency declaration was to prevent deaths at the hands of immigrants. So why aren't deadlier problems worthy of such declarations?

Fri, 1:58 pm


People often demand that reporters challenge Trump on the facts. They should -- but today we saw what happens.

Fri, 12:21 pm


Narrowing down the most baffling claim Trump made today is tricky, but his assertion that you can't smuggle drugs or people through ports of entry is definitely up there.

Fri, 10:42 am


Trump is going to point to a surge on the border in the last few months to declare a crisis -- and then propose a wall that will take years to build thanks to the speed of construction and inevitable legal fights.

Fri, 8:16 am


Trump has a long history of saying controversial, offensive things -- but that can be a subjective assessment.

So you tell us: How racially or culturally offensive do you find these Trump comments and actions?


Thu, 9:11 pm


Well, here's a lede.

Thu, 4:38 pm


A national emergency to build the wall:

- Is unpopular

- Is more unpopular than the wall itself

- Is unlike past such declarations

- Likely requires lots of eminent domain

- Is predicated on a highly dubious 'emergency'

- Unshackles Trump from the Constitution

Thu, 1:18 pm


More Americans think Pelosi came out of the shutdown fight looking stronger than think that of Trump.

Thu, 11:38 am


A new poll from Marist includes a potentially significant finding for gun politics: Most Americans incorrectly believe that the rate of gun murders is higher now than in the early 1990s.

Thu, 8:55 am


45% of Republicans and 55% of evangelical voters think God wanted Trump to be president. Only 30% of evangelicals think He didn't.

Thu, 7:30 am


One one end of the spectrum are those who note that a focus on minute shifts in Democratic primary polling distracts from actually important analysis of views and policy debates.

This is for those on the other end of the spectrum.


Wed, 2:05 pm


Trump inauguration head Tom Barrack's comments about the Khashoggi killing were precisely as bleak as reported -- but went much further in criticizing the West.

Wed, 9:22 am


Trump railed against the debt increases under Obama but has added debt at a faster rate than the end of Obama's second term.


Tue, 9:33 pm


Choose your own corporate adventure.

Tue, 5:08 pm


The Post's report on Manafort draws attention to a key period in the 2016 election: The two weeks after the Republican convention.

Tue, 1:54 pm


If Mueller concludes that Trump tried to obstruct the Russia investigation, even a third of Republicans think an impeachment effort is warranted.

Tue, 12:14 pm


The key whip count for knowing if the government will shut down again: What Trump's conservative media universe is saying about the deal.

Tue, 11:14 am


Trump's valiant Teleprompter writer tried to get him to talk about bipartisanship. He slapped an asterisk on it before touting outlier poll numbers and bashing the press.


Mon, 6:15 pm


The polls on taxing the rich are sort of all over the place, with one broad exception: Americans want to tax the rich.

Mon, 4:53 pm


In terms of racial composition, only two states look more like the GOP than Iowa. Thirty-eight states look more like the Democratic Party.

Mon, 12:48 pm


Mueller's probe is necessarily getting closer to its conclusion. If there's collusion to be found, here are the most likely places.

Mon, 10:44 am


A remarkable aspect of the leaked Axios schedules is how consistently Trump's workdays don't start until 11 a.m.


Feb 9, 2:08 pm


Curious what might happen next in Virginia? I made a flowchart.


Feb 8, 5:08 pm


On half the days of the 2018 cycle, a political committee spent money at a Trump property.

Feb 8, 1:17 pm


During the campaign, Trump brushed off questions about Trump Organization hiring by claiming they screened workers. Apparently not true.

He also said that those who hire undocumented immigrants should face large fines or criminal charges.

Feb 8, 11:13 am


One reason I do a lot of Mueller timelines is that it helps me understand how different things fit together.

With yesterday's revelation that Mueller sees an Aug. 2016 Manafort meeting as critical, I made a timeline that I think explains why.


Feb 7, 4:48 pm


Tried to figure out the exact durations of the various investigations into the Obama administration that undercut Trump's insistence this morning that no such investigations occurreed.

Feb 7, 11:28 am


The Green New Deal proposal has echoes of Obama eight years ago -- but its intent is far more sweeping.

Feb 7, 9:04 am


Trump's complaints about Democratic investigations into him -- and about how Obama escaped such scrutiny -- are ridiculous.

Feb 7, 7:17 am


Made an interactive allowing you to see what percent of your life the globe has been warmer relative to the 20th century average than it was in the month you were born.

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