The lede here captures my true feelings, if the ensuing methodology doesn't.

UPDATE 5:18 pm

Our CMS apparently makes a ":(" into a giant pixellated emoji? Not super helpful, but IDK.

If this ends up as the actual cast of the new Ghostbusters, I'm about to go camp out for tickets right now.

Via @dceiver. [ Also from @dceiver. ]

I don't really know anything about Pokemon, but this is terrific. Watch the video, too.

12:32 pm


A more detailed write-up of my snowy cab ride, including good #teen quotes.

12:29 pm


The amount the Kochs want to spend in 2016 is what every GOP House and Senate candidate spent in 2014.

brb rebranding myself as authentic

Strong lede; good CATS trolling.

Got out the measuring tool to see how much snow we'd received.

UPDATE 8:07 am

New York's "this weather is important" solipsism, I'm fine with. Its "that weather wasn't important" solipsism, less so.

UPDATE 8:21 am

Can't believe we're reopening trains. What if a passenger gets sick? Better safe than sorry.

UPDATE 9:03 am

Hard not to see the blizzard crushing Boston as God's way of muffling the city during Super Bowl week.


Mon, 11:21 pm


The Magic Eye website is still online and appears not to have changed in 20 years.

Mon, 10:13 pm


I rode around with a cab driver today as the storm kicked into gear.

UPDATE 6:45 am

It doesn't appear to have snowed at all here overnight.

UPDATE 7:16 am

Timelapse of my ride through yesterday's storm in the passenger seat of a cab.

Mon, 8:28 pm


Dear Californians making snarky jokes about the weather: Enjoy that major earthquake.

Mon, 7:50 pm


The biggest growth industries under Obama will probably end up as direct mail, local TV, and political consulting.

Mon, 2:18 pm


Dude in shorts taking pictures of the snow: have you filled our your Darwin Award application yet?

Mon, 12:12 pm


The threat of drone attacks harming the White House or the president is very, very small.

Mon, 10:52 am


Drone stories at WaPo right now:

"Secret Service: 'Quadcopter' drone found at White House"

"NASA might put a drone on Mars"

"U.S. drone strike in Yemen kills 3"

Mon, 9:26 am


Are Democrats really happy with advancing a not-exciting candidate straight to the general?

Mon, 9:09 am


I know it's a bit on-the-nose for my demographic, but I do really like Vampire Weekend.


Sun, 11:10 pm


The first apparent mention of a blizzard in New York in the Times was in the Jan. 2, 1881 paper.

Otherwise, the earliest uses of "blizzard" in the Times were names, ships, storms elsewhere, and usage as we might use "blitz."

Sun, 10:18 pm


WNYC owns the embeddable datavisuals realm; here, tools for the storm.

For those sniping about the dominance of New York weather convo online: when 2.5% of the country lives in your dumb city, we'll hear a lot about that, too.

Film from a blizzard in New York in 1902.

Sun, 7:57 pm


Wouldn't be surprised if marketers tried to infiltrate middle schools, 21 Jump Street-style.

Via @stefanjbecket. [ Also from @stefanjbecket. ]

Sun, 4:50 pm


Line out the door at Trader Joe's as people do storm prep with that critical staple: off-brand crackers.

Sun, 4:45 pm


On the downtown 1, middle-aged white woman reading the Times on an iPad, younger Latina reading Facebook on a Samsung phone.

Suspect Zuckerberg et al are pleased you "look at" Facebook versus "reading" it.

Sun, 4:23 pm


Inherit the Wind is on AMC, a movie which offers no lessons for our modern times.

Sun, 3:57 pm


Apparent workplace shooting at a Home Depot in Manhattan.

The (New York) Post has a more detailed story.

If you're interested in apparent photos of people lying dead in the aisles of a Home Depot, the New York Post has you covered.

Sun, 2:16 pm


One of the Obama YouTube interviewers censored-i-interviewed-the-president-fa3e8fb44d16">rails against traditional media.

Via @lauraolin. [ Also from @lauraolin. ]

There's a lot of validity in that, but also some of the standard "you just don't get Millennials" stuff.

Just because media is changing doesn't mean that the new way is more powerful or necessary in this moment -- particularly in politics.

Fox News and CNN are his standard-bearers for traditional media, which I think a lot of people might disagree with?

Sun, 12:54 pm


The ISS solar panels rotate to catch the Sun as it rushes around the Earth.

Sun, 10:44 am


Here is a great exploration of race and the economic recovery, through the lens of Prince George's County.

Sun, 10:25 am


Facebook claims that censored-report">it is directly and indirectly responsible for 4.5 million jobs globally.

Whether or not I am skeptical of that claim is left as an exercise for the reader.

Sun, 10:22 am


"Men's top Googled question related to how their body or mind changed as they aged was whether their penis got smaller."

Sun, 9:30 am


The state of the unions in 2014: Membership up, but density still slipping down.

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