Attention, LA: Time to move to some bedrock.

A GoPro on an actual for-real rocket.

This general election is going to be a World War I LARP.

In 23 of 26 states, Sanders beat Clinton with independents. In 23 of 26 states, she beat him with Democrats.

If you stretched all the Republican candidacies end-to-end, this election would have started on Jan. 1, 2006.

I wrote about why the American presidential campaign lasts so long, in Italian.

Whatta town.

This is an article about a magical land where rents are $400 a month.

CNN's spectacularly timed poll has Trump down to Clinton by a bunch -- prolonging support moving away from him.

An 1855 list from New Orleans of slaves for auction -- with handwritten notes indicating sale prices.

Record heat in Canada's oil sands area fueled a major wildfire necessitating the evacuation of an entire city.


Tue, 10:19 pm


How and why Sanders won Indiana.

Tue, 10:17 pm


With the calendar offering up friendlier states, Sanders is claiming he has momentum again.

Tue, 8:06 pm


We just lived through the best two weeks of Trump's life.

Tue, 5:12 pm


The full story of the two men roped into passing out leaflets with Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963.

Tue, 2:19 pm


How the AP tabulates election night results (and error-checks the data).

Tue, 1:20 pm


Long-time farming magazine cartoonist fired after critiquing executive pay at Big Ag companies.

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Last year, I interviewed the guy behind Snopes, not imagining how busy his 2016 was about to get.

Tue, 9:41 am


This is a headline, kids. Take note.


Mon, 10:11 pm


The New York Times building that named Times Square, shortly after it opened.

Mon, 9:59 pm


An interactive exploration of the "Garden of Earthly Delights" triptych.

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Mon, 9:06 pm


Where the U.S. planned to attack with nuclear weapons if war broke out in 1956.

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Mon, 9:04 pm


Jim Gilmore loses another election.

Mon, 6:16 pm


Someone created a festival designed to make Burning Man look relatively unpretentious.

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Mon, 6:11 pm


Truman learned of the existence of the atomic bomb about 100 days before it was dropped on Hiroshima.

Mon, 6:00 pm


On April 1, Trump led in California by 8 points, per the RCP average. Today his lead is three times as big.

Mon, 4:33 pm


I spent most of the day making a thing that tells you which candidates target which shows you watch, so please pity-click.

Mon, 11:19 am


Republicans have asked for a divorce from their marriage of convenience to Ted Cruz.

Mon, 10:05 am


If Bernie Sanders wants a convention floor fight, he's got it. There's no reason to think he'd win it.


Sun, 11:53 pm


This seems much more like a trend -- like using "goes" for "said" -- than an apocalypse.

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