An Ohio State linebacker who'd complained of confusion after concussions is missing.

An important dance by my cousin's son.

It may not be the most representative interaction, but, happily, it exists.

This is a wondrous age.

UPDATE 3:51 pm

My grandkids are going to think I was such a dork for excitedly texting their grandmother photos from an airplane.

Old guy at LaGuardia to another old dude: "Ever heard of West Virginia?"

UPDATE 1:51 pm

At first I thought the second old guy was maybe foreign, but he is from New York.

UPDATE 2:32 pm

"Lips Like Sugar" in the Delta terminal, which is just completely baffling to me.

10:15 am


I'm not like a Star Wars guy or anything, but how do you not get stoked for this?

10:02 am


Interesting question: How much of Giuliani's Ferguson tirades are Sharpton-driven?

Odd scene: Chuck Rangel in the lobby of 30 Rockefeller, by himself and looking a bit lost.

UPDATE 8:58 am

(He found his way. NBC moved the check-in area. The end.)


Thu, 11:24 pm


A man who gave food to passing migrants in Mexico was murdered by drug gangs.

Thu, 7:32 pm


"[P]olice departments keep almost all those numbers to themselves, in defiance of a 20-year-old federal law."

Thu, 5:52 pm


brb Joey Chestnutting some stuffing

Thu, 1:18 pm


This is the day all the people who are never thankful for anything go to the movies and get Chinese food.

Thu, 1:15 pm


The president's Thanksgiving turkeys arrive in DC, 1929.

Thu, 12:26 pm


The NYPD sent officers to Ferguson to "help out in terms of intelligence" with the Eric Garner grand jury decision imminent.

Via @mtracey. [ Also from @mtracey. ]

Thu, 11:26 am


There is only contested, correlative evidence for the entire premise of this piece, articulated in paragraph two.

Thu, 9:42 am


It's finally here! The day made-up Disney stars with names like "Andee McPhee" sing garbage pop from a Con-Agra float on Fifth Avenue before sinking back into obscurity.

But anyway, here is a look at how much weirder and less commercial the floats used to be.

And a bit about the guy who invented them.

The corny garbage plugs for nonsense are half the fun in the parade, but the apex was reached last year.

If your kids aren't crowded around the TV yet, something for them to look forward to!

Do we need to talk about Quvenzhane?

Word to the guy dressed like a chef controlling a marionette next to the Lindt float who's rocking out to Idina Menzel's "All I Want for Christmas."

"You can get anything that you want at Alice's Restaurant."


Wed, 11:05 pm


How humans may have created a vicious gull-whale war.

Wed, 10:59 pm


"Riots are a thing that human beings do because human beings have limits."

Wed, 10:35 pm


A cop confuses an asthma inhaler for a gun.

Via @radleybalko. [ Also from @radleybalko. ]

Wed, 10:11 pm


I would grudgingly give a speech for $300,000 but without all the other haggling. Feel free to email.

I do want the hummus though.

Wed, 6:16 pm


The worst ad is any ad where Victor Cruz says, "Helllllllo end zone."

Wed, 4:54 pm


Black-and-white photos from the unrest in Ferguson.

Via @thestalwart. [ Also from @thestalwart. ]

Wed, 4:26 pm


The airport as local dining destination, circa 50 years ago.

Wed, 4:22 pm


The testimony before the Ferguson grand jury, charted.

Via @voxdotcom. [ Also from @voxdotcom. ]

Wed, 4:15 pm


Reddit as Borowitz works about as well as you'd think.

Wed, 4:14 pm


Recreating a transoceanic Pan Am flight from the 1970s, down to the tiny details.

Wed, 4:08 pm


A history of video game graphics.

Wed, 3:54 pm


John Herrman is so consistently good on the internet.

If you only track Herrman and Andy Baio on Internet culture, you're essentially covered.

Wed, 3:38 pm


I mean, I'm old enough to remember polar bears.

Wed, 3:29 pm


Give a dog a meatball, and he'll follow you all over Ecuador.

Via @j_zimms. [ Also from @j_zimms. ]

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