In case you were wondering what constitutes breaking the law in doing a favor for a political donor.

Made a tool that lets you take Congressional votes and see how they'd change if the gender composition was flipped.

10:00 am


Here is a visual to show what early presidential fundraising looks like.

The most popular street names in America.

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Thu, 10:27 pm


"I have homosexual friends." - a politician

Thu, 8:44 pm


I assume that you, like me, are sick of your boring water faucet.

Thu, 8:40 pm


Keep your eye on California.

Thu, 8:37 pm


Speaking of sponsored content.

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Thu, 8:13 pm


This photo is like a test to figure out what kind of dork you are.

Thu, 8:04 pm


A slightly overproduced look at the arrival of mobile phone games into the big leagues.

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Thu, 8:01 pm


Fascinating analysis (and audio) of how LGA tower adjusted to today's accident.

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Thu, 7:56 pm


Ford Motor Company was creating its own content a century ago.

Thu, 7:55 pm


Before you pick your baby's name, get ready to pick your baby.

Thu, 7:10 pm


Bad news, but also odd to see Ford as "Indiana Jones star," though I suppose that's right.

I mean he probably doesn't need a qualifier, and, if he does, "movie star" works? Anyway, not the point, obviously.

Thu, 5:51 pm


Rick Perry thinks Obama doesn't "get" the threat posed by a Soviet-era Iran.

That post has an "Oops" joke in the headline because the politics gods gave us the "Oops" moment specifically to be used as a callback.

Thu, 5:14 pm


Crisis tip: Quit.

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Thu, 4:10 pm


Second-best quote here: "The messy prank is known as 'glitter-bombing' although there's no threat of an explosion or physical danger as with a real bomb."

Best quote: "Anyone is free to disagree with me, but to resort to these tactics in a heightened threat environment is reckless"

Thu, 4:00 pm


Probably the most on-point Onion headline in months.

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Thu, 3:15 pm


Inspired by Diane Reynolds: Why celebrities use fake names at hotels, and what makes a good one.

Thu, 10:48 am


Let's talk about random people who decide that maybe they can be elected president.

Thu, 9:47 am


"With the robot it will be different. We should respect the robot."

Thu, 9:36 am


How to turn dangerous threats to public safety into #viral #content.

Thu, 9:09 am


Kim Jong Il touring a TV station in the 1980s or '90s.


Wed, 11:37 pm


Oh no, now we have to read all of them.

wait what if the emails all spell out "today I announce I am running for president" and this was a long con

A Twitter dude emailed me (and presumably other pol media types) to pass along Hillary's tweet. Not showing a lot of faith in your communications platform there, guy.

"My emails are too sensitive to release without State Dept. screening, but were OK to be sent from my own server without encryption."

Wed, 11:25 pm


I think we all agree that personalized domains are extremely cool.

Wed, 8:36 pm


I'd forgotten that the W. Bush White House had its own Snopes site.

Wed, 6:37 pm


Finding album art by color.

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Wed, 6:30 pm


The selfie stick is Canadian.

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Wed, 6:29 pm


A map created by occupying Nazis pointing German soldiers to points of interest in Paris.

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Wed, 6:28 pm


The Times tagged along with an icebreaker on the Hudson.

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