Among the details in this Reuters report about sea level rise: We've spent $7 billion in tax money since 1990 on putting sand back on beaches.

Checking in with future congressman Clay Aiken.

It is completely ridiculous that this is how we count votes in 2014.

UPDATE 5:41 pm

The last thing I want to say about Scotland before returns come in is that I am very disappointed by how few Trainspotting jokes I saw.

Tweets about the Scottish referendum today, mapped over time by support or opposition.

Via @nycjim. [ Also from @nycjim. ]

Global ocean temperatures set an all-time recorded high last month, beating the previous high -- from June.

Clinton and Pelosi argued over which of their states was more progressive. I did the math on 23 data points. It's New York.

The House versus a scientist.

12:17 pm


This post has a MAGIC SURPRISE that will make you feel poor.

Famous people with duplicated names.

Maybe another problem here is that teens shouldn't run for office?

Importing photos onto my computer in the background (iOS 8, etc.). As they stream in: It appears I have a dog?

One of Hitler's food-tasters is apparently still alive.


Wed, 11:47 pm


The Times' 1877 review of the phonograph thought it more important than the telephone because storage trumps streaming.

Wed, 8:15 pm


This is terrific: A physical representation in an art gallery of a remote spot in the Pacific Ocean.

Wed, 8:09 pm


An 1838 abolitionist farmer's almanac.

Wed, 8:08 pm


Steve Jobs' office remains as he left it.

Wed, 8:07 pm


Thousands of high-definition photos taken from probes flying through space, turned into a movie.

Wed, 8:03 pm


The Mets changed their logo a tiny, tiny bit.

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Wed, 7:55 pm


And here is a dog kissing booth.

Wed, 3:02 pm


In which I reveal that I was a brat that was young during the Reagan administration.

Wed, 8:39 am


If you write about chickens and use the words "cry fowl," your eternal fate is being elbowed in the face by Shakespeare.


Tue, 11:50 pm


Let's not make "Rochester man" a thing, OK?

Tue, 11:44 pm


Look, if the Yankees don't make the playoffs in Jeter's last season, that is a MESSAGE FROM GOD.

Tue, 9:46 pm


Attention: Queen Latifah knows how to get me interested in watching TV.

Wait. Are you kidding me? No faves on that? DID YOU WATCH IT. It is basically a Simpsons cut scene.

Tue, 7:37 pm


The cross-tabs on this have bad news for him: Most people don't know about his opponent.

Tue, 7:24 pm


Here is a dog that has a variety of occupations.

Tue, 7:16 pm


I wish I had a week off to explore Chris Ware's new work (and, more fully, his past stuff).

The precision and intricacy of it is so perfect for the medium. He's alarmingly talented.

Tue, 7:13 pm


Even the accused criminals and cheaters are going to get reelected, never mind the other incumbents.

Tue, 7:09 pm


In the 1960s, California thought about streaming water in from Alaska.

Tue, 7:08 pm


"The business of the NFL is business, and nothing and no one can mean more than that."

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